New Shop and See Us At NAB

New Shop and See Us At NAB

Come See Us At NAB!

What can we tell you about the new designs we’re unveiling at NAB?

Booth C5549, Inovativ.

That’s it. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise.

If you’re going to be at NAB this year, stop by the Inovativ booth and check it out - it’s our best work yet.



We'll also have a motorized cart on display at the Lemo booth, you can check out a brand-new Yeager Pro rocking a Location 48V Dual system.

You can find Lemo's booth at Central Hall - Booth C5131

Check Out Our Kits Out There Moving Gear and Saving Backs!

"These motorized wheels have just paid for themselves. We're shooting at a property that has a really steep driveway. We loaded my cart down with a couple hundred pounds of gear and went up the hill with the throttle to the max. First time I pushed to keep the speed up. Second time I didn't push at all and the motors asked for more." - Andy B., Nashville 1st AC/DP, custom Magliner 48V Dual


New cart wheels are working great! Much more power, and no flats! I really appreciate you guys going the extra mile for me!” - Arlen C., New Mexico 2nd AC, BackStage 48V Dual

Excellent customer service” - Bill K., Los Angeles Sound Mixer, custom cart, 48V Single


The Garage Couldn’t Hold Us

The last few months we’ve been busy moving out of our cherished but cramped garage, so now we have a convenient Los Angeles location for hands-on demos and a full workshop for fitting kits to your cart.


Already new dreams and designs bubbling, and we finally have space to test out all our new ideas!



If you’re wanting to check out one of our carts in person, stop in and see us at 2910 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles.



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