Cine Kit List Review - Great American Camera Challange

Cine Kit List Review - Great American Camera Challange

We're thrilled to announce that CineKitList recently posted an in-depth video review of installing and using our Location Dual motorized cart kit.

Discover firsthand how our motorized assist kits have changed the workday of a grip and electric team with a tough hill waiting for them at the end of every job.

The Great American Camera Challenge

The 600 Los Angeles Young Workers Group will be hosting the 2nd Great American Camera Challenge on July 29th from 11a-5p at The Camera Division

We’ll be hosting our own new challenge this year, and we can’t wait to show it to you! Come check out our kits in person and make some new camera dept. friends.

This fun and clever event gives camera professionals a chance to show off their skills at some technical challenges including focus distance guessing, cable wrapping, and whip pans, all while enjoying a food truck and other activities.

Check out their absolutely awesome announcement video.

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