Flat-Proof Tires - Top Speed Adjustments for 48V Kits

Flat-Proof Tires - Top Speed Adjustments for 48V Kits

Flats are the worst. So we’re stopping that problem in its tracks.

We now have industrial strength foam-fill options for our hub motor wheels, making our tires completely flat-proof.

This rubber-based tire fill gives a smoother ride than most solid tires, higher weight capacity and a longer life compared to other DIY ‘home-foam’ solutions that can degrade after time. 

For current kit-owners in LA, we’re offering industrial foam-fills at cost for $50/wheel. We also have alternate solutions for those outside Los Angeles with no shipping costs.

New kits will now have options for flat-free tires when ordering.

Together, we can live a flat-free life.

Find Your Right Speed

As we’ve developed our 48V kits, we tried to set the kits up for the most powerful, safest kit possible, keeping the top speed at a comfortable walking speed. 

But we understand some crew members move at a different pace. 



If you want your kit to move faster, we can upgrade the top speed settings in the control box.

(User-controlled settings are in the works, but it's quite a development challenge, hopefully by 2024)

For current kit owners, we just need the control box in hand for a bit to set your top speed higher.  For new kits, we can set your control box for a higher speed before shipping, just contact us when purchasing. 

And we're always available at our shop in Highland Park to test out kit speeds and find the right speed for you.

Our goal is always to get you the best kit that fits your cart and your working style. 

If you have features or improvements you want for your kit, please reach out with your dreams - we might have a solution up our sleeve for you.

You can reach us at info@makeyourcartgo.com or (323) 213-9945.

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