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Volt Throttle - Upgrade

Volt Throttle - Upgrade

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Feel in control and know the state of your battery with the new Volt Throttle.

The same smooth take off as our original throttle now displaying the status of your battery in volts.  Works for both Studio & Location kits.

Already a V2 throttle owner and want to upgrade?  There's 2 options for you:

Trade in: Send us your v2 throttle and we'll use your components in a new Volt Throttle housing.  About a one week turn around starting in July $75

Upgrade: Purchase a new volt throttle for you V2 kit.  Ships immediately no waiting! $200

V1 Users: You can also upgrade to the new Volt Throttle.  We will need your control box back to modify it to a 6-pin throttle connection.  Turn around about a week starting in July 2024. $500

Trade In or Upgrade
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