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LOCATION Single2.0

LOCATION Single2.0

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This powerful single motor system makes heavy carts an ease to move at a lower cost, making them perfect for studios or owner operators with multiple carts to motorize.  The LOCATION Single drives carts 1200lbs or more, and offers flexible mounting points. 

With a dedicated 52V battery and a single motorized hub wheel, the LOCATION Single seamlessly replaces the standard wheels on Backstage, Yeager, or any film equipment cart equipped with standard 10" casters. 

This simple-to-install system includes:


  • 52V 10.5Ah Rechargeable Battery with Mounting Plate and Charger: This high-capacity battery lasts typical users a week or more. 


  • 1 - 10" Motorized Wheel: Engineered with watertight construction for optimal durability and performance.  Offset design improves side clearance to keep wheels within the footprint of the cart. 


  • Weather-Proof 48V Aluminum Control Box: Includes IP68-rated connectors and mounting inserts for easy installation.


  • Machined Aluminum Throttle: Featuring a power cut-off switch, reverse switch and adjustable mounting options for almost any cart.


  • 7' Throttle Cable: Designed with IP68-rated 6-pin connectors for secure connections.

  • 5' XLR Power Cable: Durable top-of-class XLR connectors and wire. 

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