Full Kit Features

Battery Endurance

Power through your shoot with a Location 52V battery that lasts more than a week on a single charge.

Freewheeling Capability

Experience no compromise in functionality – our motors can always be effortlessly pushed like a normal cart.

Smooth and Controllable Throttle

Feel confident and in-control. Our Throttles come tuned for easy starts and smooth operation. No "jumpy" take offs or carts running away.

Power for Heavy Moves

Our Location Dual kits with geared hub motors can move 1200lbs or more on level ground, and easily drive more than 300lbs up a 15-degree incline.

Location Dual Kits

Field-Tested Reliability

Built to weather rain, snow, steep inclines, and rough terrain, our kits are the most reliable and dependable on the market.

Quick and Easy Install

You can motorize your cart in just minutes with our slip-in or bolt-on wheel design, full adjustable throttle clamps, and simple connections.

Installation Guides

Off-Set Forks

Our newly designed forks keep the motorized wheels tucked within the cart footprint for maximum maneuverability. 

Quiet, More Powerful Motor

Our cutting-edge 800W peak motors deliver a powerful 80 N.M. of torque while giving a quieter moving experience.

Options to Fit Your Cart

Whether you need a 24V Goldmount box, a throttle mount for a horizontal push bar, or just longer cables, we’ve got you covered. 

AKS Products

Service and Customization

Need to move a custom or oddball cart?  Wonder if we’ll answer your frantic emails from set? 

Don’t worry, our kits are backed by film professionals that have been building motorized carts for years and understand the pressures and dreams of set. 

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