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PRE-ORDER - Inovativ Apollo/Voyager EVO STUDIO Single - $2345

PRE-ORDER - Inovativ Apollo/Voyager EVO STUDIO Single - $2345

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This kit comes with genuine Inovativ forks to match the ride height of Inovativ Apollo or Voyager EVO carts with triangle aluminum forks.

Conveniently powered by standard camera batteries, this efficient single motorized wheel kit lets you harness the standard block battery or Goldmount batteries at the most economical price. 

Simply plug into a camera block battery, or use our Goldmount Box to power a single motor that requires surprisingly little steering correction for a one-sided motor kit. 

This simple-to-install system includes:



  • 1 - 10" Motorized Wheel with Inovativ Dovetail Adaptor: Engineered with watertight construction for optimal durability and performance.


  • Weather-Proof 48V Aluminum Control Box: Includes IP68-rated connectors and mounting inserts for easy installation.


  • Machined Aluminum Throttle: Featuring a power cut-off switch, reverse switch and adjustable mounting options for almost any cart.

  • 7' Throttle Cable: Designed with IP68-rated 6-pin connectors for secure connections.


  • 5' XLR Power Cable: Durable top-of-class XLR connectors and wire. 

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